Frequently Asked Questions

How to play a movie with subtitles?

First start the movie than select your favorite subtitles(just one click) and the subtitles will load.

Why for each language there are too many subtitles?

For a specific language there are different subtitles for a movie(CAM,WebRip,Web-Dl,HDRip,DvdRip,DvdScreen,Bluray etc).

This is why we upload as many subtitles as we can because we want that user(you) can match subtitles with movie.

You can change the subtitles without refresh browser or stoping the movie(just choose another).

The subtitles are not synchronized with movie.

If you tried all subtitles in you favorite language and all these are not synchronized with movie you can try to synchronize subtitles.

1)Choose a subtitle.

2)You have to detect the time shift of subtitles you selected relatively with movie you are watching.

3)Than you can use the button in the right of subtitles you selected to synchronize.

4)Time shift should be in +/-seconds,miliseconds(miliseconds should be in three digits: +3,400)

5)Than click Sync Subtitles

6)New subtitles will load automatically

7)Don't refresh the browser.

Subtitles are not showed at all.What can i do?

If your selected subitles are not showed at all you can validate subtitles.

1)Use the button in the right of subtitles you selected to validate.

3)Go to 'Validate Subtitles' tab.

4)Just click on 'Validate Subtitles' button

4)We will load subtitles after validation automatically

5)Than we will tell you how many rows we found in these subtitles.

6)It's up to you to think if these subtitles are correct or not.

7)Don't refresh the browser.

I can't read the subtitles because it show unknown characters?

We serve the subtitles in UTF-8 format enconding,but sometimes subtitles are enconding in other formats like windows-1256(arabic),shift-jis(japanese)...

So you can convert them to UTF8-8 and make subtitles readable.

1)Go to the subtitles's right button and click it.

2)Go to 'Charset Problem'.

3)Choose your language'category (selected subtitles) in the left by clicking on it.

4)We will display the list of possible enconding.

5)Than all you can do is to click first format enconding and watch on player if subtitles are readable.

6)If there is not any change try the second format(if there are more than one).

7)You can follow these steps for each available enconding format showed for each language's category

8)Don't refresh the browser.

I want to see a movie with my own subtitles.Can I?

Yes,you can.

To do that you have to use google chrome as browser.

1)Open a movie

2)Below the subtitles's list now you have a text: Upload Your Own Subtiles.

3)Click the upload icon.

4)Than you can see the movie name as it is uploaded on servers.

5)You can upload your own subtitles in zip or srt format.

6)It is better if zip or srt file match the movie filename.

7)If you upload a srt file,player will use these subtitles automatically.

8)If you upload a zip file(that contains srt files inside),system will unzip it and will show you all available srt files inside that zip file.

9)Than you can choose one of these(if there are more than one) srt files and player will use that srt file as subtitles.

10)Don't refresh the browser.